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Bob Johnson

On Air: Thursday 10-12
Ian Haddlesey

On Air: Wednesday 9-10
Hugh Manson

On Air: Monday 7-8
Nick Smith

On Air: Monday 9-10
David Sinclair

On Air: Monday 10-12, Wednesday 7-8
The CFM Charity Quiz

On Air: Wednesday 7-8
Graham Sinclair

On Air: Thursday 9-10
Frank Charlton

On Air: Tuesday 9-11

On Air: Monday 8-9
Jim Anthoney

On Air: Friday 8-10
Barbara Bain

On Air: Wed 8-9, Sat 10-12
Doreen MacLeod

On Air: Saturday 8-9
Kenny McArthur

On Air: Tuesday 11-12
Chris West-Samuel

On Air: Sunday 10-12
Ali Murray

On Air: Thursday 7-9
Jim Labour

On Air: Thursday 7-9
Terry Clarke

On Air: Saturday 2-4
Robin Young

On Air: Sunday 7-9

On Air: Friday 7-8
Nigel Slater

On Air: Sunday 9-10

On Air: Friday 7-8, Saturday 9-10
Roger Saxon

On Air: Tuesday 8-9
Davie Mac

On Air: Sunday 7-9
Louise Sutherland

On Air: Tuesday 7-8
Dave Mainland

On Air: Wednesday 10-12
Rob G

On Air: Friday 10-12
Jim and Ali

On Air: Thursday 7-9
All Round Country

On Air: Sunday 7-9

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