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March 1996 was when we made out our business plan and funding package put together for submission to various bodies including the National Lottery. A major step forward occurred in Autumn 1996 when with our support Moray Firth Radio applied for the broadcasting licence for the Caithness Area. Then in November 1996 Moray Firth Radio began broadcasting on 102.5 FM - the frequency which would become Caithness FM's.

After nearly 18 months searching, in January 1997 a lease on a piece of land in Neil Gunn Drive, Thurso was secured through the local enterprise company.  Later in the month the UKAEA at Dounreay donated a large "temporary" building for use as a studio.

Things were going great. In March 1997 the licence application was submitted to the Radio Authority's office in the Docklands, London. This application was lost when the IRA bombed the Docklands and a further application was submitted. Then in August 1997 our building was delivered from the UKAEA. For "temporary" building, see "large derelict portacabin". None the less, over the winter of 1997/97 the volunteers set forth using their DIY skills, and trades, to turn it into a radio station.

1) The protacabins arriving

2) The materials being stores

3) Joinery work

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