On Air: Monday 10-12

Biography: David "Artic" Sinclair - a legend in his own lifetime. One of the great characters of CFM, Artic is probably best known for falling asleep during his own show!

Born in 1944 in Bloemfontein South Africa, which he thoughtfully points out is on the other side of the equator and is considerably warmer than Caithness (yes I think we might have worked that out for ourselves Davy!) He is well known in the Caithness area for running his own mobile disco.

He has, however been in Caithness most of his life. Married with four sons, four grandsons and a grandaughter, and one in production, due to be released June 2008, Davy enjoys family life so much that he takes them with him to the studio! Wife Patsy is a director, and receptionist for Barbara Bain's Saturday night show, and son Graham presents his own show on a Thursday night. Eldest son Derek hosted the heavy metal show before moving out of the area (nothing to do with the show honest!).

While Davy is a great authority on contemporary music he really dislikes heavy metal, thrash and modern dance music saying he likes real rock music, country and Scottish (eh!).
He also dislikes motorways, which we must point out to any non locals, is not a problem in Caithness.