On Air: Wed 8-9, Sat 10-12

Biography: A young at heart sixtie something, Barbara Bain not only presents her own county show on a Wednesday, and a 2 hour Saturday night show, but she also acts as the long-suffering "telephonist" (pronounced telly - phone - ist) on the All Round Country show on a Sunday night. Basically, she says. she's the only one who can keep Davy Mac and Davy Groat in order (although if you look at their profiles, they each say that they are the one that looks after the other two!)

Barbara was born in Braemore in Caithness, and has lived in the county all of her life. She has one daughter, (Helen who is a former receptionist) and two grandchildren (Kevin - former presenter and Amy - another former receptionist).

During her workig life Barbara used to be found on the buses as a "clippie", and in later years on reception at the local swimming pool. However she is now enjoying her retirement.

She says she has always enjoyed music, and that is the reason she joined CAITHNESS FM way back in 1998. She modern country music but also enjoys middle of the road music from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's, enjoys meeting people and eating out as well as watching T.V and going on holiday. However she doesn't like heavy rock or classical music, bossy people and the Caithness weather!