On Air: Thursday 10-12

Biography: Bob Johnson moved to Thurso from Dumbarton in 1979 and still lists one of his favourite past times as following Dumbarton Football Club (he says "we shall rise again - come on the sons") - sad isn't it?

Married with two children, Bob and his wife Jackie have been involved since the very early days of Caithness FM. Bob co-hosted a show in the first RSL, presented a series of specialist shows in the second and has been presenting his "Future Legends" show since CFM took to the airwaves in April 1998.

Bob's major "claim to fame" is that he has met up with a member of Pink Floyd! He went back stage after a David Gilmour concert at the SECC in 2006.............
.....well he actually went back stage with Ian "PLANET FLOYD" Pearson who was giving a glass sculpture to the band, so they would pass it on to David's website's webmaster later in the week. While this was happening, Mr G passed within 5 feet of Bob. So not really as impressive as it sounds!

Born some 50 years ago in the village of Rhu near Helensburgh (and yes we have been known to rue the day) Bob is into music in a big way - especially bands such as Pink Floyd and Marillion. When asked if there was anything he really disliked all he came up with was liver and his pet hate - marzipan!