On Air: Sunday 10-12

Biography: Christine West-Samuel has presented her classical music programme on Caithness FM since April 1998. Chris is married (to Tony - who drives the desk for her programme) and they have three children. Born in England she has been in Thurso for nearly forty years now and classes herself as a "full time domestic administrator, victualler and adolescent counsellor"*

Chris really enjoys music including choral singing and opera but dislikes pop music. She has been involved in amateur dramatics and enjoys a variety of interests including sewing, current affairs, eating and drinking (particularly tea, wine and Carlsberg special brew - but not all together!). Chris also likes cats (but not dogs), her husband , sunshine and the north of Scotland. Amongst her dislikes Chris lists such things as cold baked beans, television soap operas and bossy women!

*fulltime housewife, and mother