On Air: Sunday 7-9

Biography: Davie Mac is the 'good looking half' of the famous "All Round Counry Show".

Born in Watten some 52 years ago, Davie has a partner, two sons, a daughter, and two grandchildren,
He lists his hobbies as collecting corgi trucks, buses, and farm machinery, (we assume that the buses and machinery are also corgi, if not then he must have a large garden) and he is also into the tv, especially soaps and documentaries, and enjoys playing with the grand children.

Among his other interests, Davie lists the great outdoors and loving the CAITHNESS WEATHER along with good food, malt whisky, and good ole country music. Take from that what you want.

Davie also has to keep his partner Robin Young and there receptionist/ telephonist (pronounced telly - phone - ist) Barbara Bain in line on a Sunday night, as they are always getting into a revel of some sort.