On Air: Thursday 9-10

Biography: Graham Sinclair is one of the few CFM presenters who is native to Caithness, even if he is slightly confused. When we asked him how old he is he replied "3 hands and 3 feet and a nose" well we took that to mean that he's actually 31 but as no-one was willing to get near enough to his feet to check that he had five toes on each, or indeed that he had 3 of them! We're just going to take his word for it, either that or we'll ask his "faither" Artic who also presents a show or his "mither" Patsy who is a director, and receptionist for Barbara Bain's Saturday night show - nothing like keeping it in the family eh?

Graham has recently married Jeanine, an American who used to live in up state New York but has now moved to Caithness (wonder if we will get another American presenter?),

His interests include Caithness FM, Computers, and Cars, but really dislikes the cold. We think he's got a thing about the letter C! Perhaps he never saw the episode of Sesame Street that moved onto "D"