On Air: Friday 10-12

Biography: Rob G came to Caithness from Derbyshire when his wife, the beautiful Louise was taken on as a lecturer at the college. They were offered a large bag of used notes and a bedford rascal to live in for the time being.

Robs been a metal fan for about 20 years, starting with Iron Maiden and Bon Jovi, running right through to Linkin Park and Nightwish. Give him a ring and he'll dig out anything from The Who to Sepultura for you!

He likes to think his show has an effect on people, he want his show to be the one where people reach up and turn the volume up or down for the same reason, because its LOUD!

He enjoys a bit of Mountain Biking, World of Warcraft and Chinese food and works (extremely well hidden) in Dounreay.