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Robin was born in Lybster, in the same year as Prince Charles (they both got thier bus passes this year, but Charles does not use his, where was Robin is.... well he knows how to save a copper or 2!) He is a  baker to trade, just because it was the only job going during summer holidays and he  was not going back to school.   He has worked as a security person for Rolls-Royce on Security for nearly 40 years, and he is also a union and safety rep on site.

Well known locally and further a fields for his own dance band FUSION, he plays along with 2 great boys, Davie MacLeod on drums, and John Newton on guitar.  He has been married for Rona (a CFM receptionist) for a number of years.

One of Robin's side line is doing, and collecting, the football pools and he also likes a dabble on the lottery.  Support Rangers and detest mushrooms.