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Caithness FM's studio is capable of playing music in all its current forms in stereo, via a 12 channel studio mixing desk, output to a radio link transmitter, to a switch located at the main mast on Ben Dorrery.

Caithness F.M.switches off Moray Firth Radio's broadcast when we go On Air. The Ben Dorrery transmitter is about 8 miles due south of Thurso, on the hill behind Halkirk.

This broadcast is located on the 102.5 M Hz frequency, on the F.M. band of your radio. Its field of transmission takes our signal west towards Strathy, north into Orkney and east to a point where the local hills shadow the signal from reaching Lybster and the signal is patchy along the coast most of the way up to Thrumster. The hills interrupt the signal again about Freswick towards John o'Groats. To the south gaps in the hills between the Scarabens and Morven have allowed the signal to be heard across the sea on the Moray coast from Nairn over to Banff.

FAQ technical

I get Moray Firth Radio all the time

You are tuned to 97.4 and the tuner needs moved a little to the right until you hear MFR again, during the day, or you live down the east coast of the county and cannot receive our signal. 

The signal is weak 

Moray Firth Radio and Caithness FM broadcast at a much much lower power than say Radio 2. Reposition the radio nearer an outside wall of your house, preferably the side that would point towards Ben Dorrery. For best reception in the outlying areas, a roof-mounted aerial may be required.

The signal is noisy.

If you are tuned to receive the signal in Stereo, try changing it to receive in Mono. Make sure the frequency tuning has not drifted off a little on the tuning dial.

Can I listen to Caithness FM on the internet?

We have been asked this several times, but unfortunately we do not have, as of yet, a way of broadcasting our programs over the internet.



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